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Hardback C1981 – perfect condition with no damage or writing etc

Published  by D. Bradford Barton this blue and black design hardback volume ‘L.N.E.R. Locomotives to Scale’ by Ian Beattie, 61pp, ISBN 0851533981 presents 15 4mm to 1 foot scale line drawings, photographs and brief biographical details of selected L.N.E.R. locomotives as an aid to the railway modeller. Includes LNER classes: Gresley 02 Class 2-8-0, 1924. Photo shows No. 63975 at Doncaster shed in 1957; Gresley K3 Class 2-6-0, 1924. Photo shows No. 61862 at Cambridge, Sept. 1953; Gresley J39 Class 0-6-0, 1926. Photo shows No. 64810 at Stratford, November 1954; Gresley J50 Class 0-6-0T, 1926. Photo shows No. 68989 at King’s Cross terminus, July 1959; Gresley D49 Class ‘Shire’ 4-4-0, 1927. Photo shows No. 62711 ‘Dumbartonshire’, St. Margaret’s Shed, June 1960; Gresley A3 Class 4-6-2, 1927. Photo shows No. 60050 ‘Persimmon’ at Doncaster shed in May 1960 with Banjo dome, tender with coal rails and prominent superheater header inspection cover on the smokebox; Gresley B17 Class Sandringham 4-6-0, 1928. Photo shows No. 61669 ‘Barnsley’ at Colchester station, May 1958; Gresley V1 Class 2-6-2T, 1930. Photo shows No. 2900 at Eastfield Shed, September 1931; Gresley P2 Class 2-8-2, 1934. Photo shows No. 2001 ‘Cock o’ the North’ in original unrebuilt form at Edinburgh Haymarket locomotive shed, June 1935; Gresley A4 Class 4-6-2, 1935. Photo shows No. 60022 (4468) ‘Mallard’ at King’s Cross Shed in November 1958. Mallard is now a static exhibit at the National Railway Museum in York, UK; Gresley V2 Class 2-6-2, 1936. Photo shows No. 60914 at Doncaster, September 1954; Gresley K4 Class 2-6-0, 1937. Photo shows No. 3442 ‘The Great Marquess’ at Nine Elms, a Southern Railway Shed in March 1967 Thompson B1 Class 4-6-0, 1942. Photo shows No. 61028 ‘Umseke’ at Neasden, April 1955; Thompson L1 Class 2-6-4T, 1945. Photo shows No. 67756 at Neasden, March 1957; Peppercorn A2 Class 4-6-2, 1947. Photo shows No. 60536 ‘Trimbush’ at Edinburgh Haymarket shed in August 1955

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