Hornby C1983 `Treasure Chest` boxed Set - rolling stock new and unrun !!

Quite an interesting find and sold by Hornby in 1983 with only 100 having been produced in this version.

The majority of `Treasure Chest Sets` were split up by the shop owners and items sold on as individual pieces so to find one in its original condition is quite rare

This one correctly consists of R307 Class 47 `County of Norfolk` new and unrun, 100T Bogie Tanker, new and unrun, Freightliner, new and unrun and Car Transporter again new and unrun but does have the cellophane split.

Also included is a large oval of System  track which may also have had points included buts these are not there although easy to replace if contents can be verified and an R914 Hornby Power controller and instructions with leads and power clip. These have been used but very little.

Also includes a 1981 catalogue again assuming this is not correct but is included

Not too sure on the correct `R` number as the box has R2057K on one end but is listed as R642, either way a rare item and as such ideal for a collector

Price includes secure UK P+P.

Please request additional overseas postage costs.

Price: £125.00

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